Sunday, 14 August 2011


Besides bringing her wonderful self, Peggy, an avid quilter, brings me a lovely little Peggy-made packet for the small necessaries that one keeps in one’s purse.  It is pretty and perfect, impressive in its neatness and exactness.  If I were to sew such a thing, it might look pretty, but it would not look impressively perfect.  I am a true blue imperfectionist.

She also, unfortunately, brings Jim and Jim, not surprisingly, brings his laboured breathing and no-can-do attitude. He lowers his heavy mass of a body into my neat and well kept recliner. I don't know how pretty little Peggy puts up with it. A deep sigh emits from within him. "I'm in quite the state today, quite the state indeed." The jowls of his face vibrate as he utters this. "I'm an old man!" 

There are two types of people in this world: Those who wake up and say "Good morning Lord" and those who wake up and say "Good lord, it's morning". Jim and Peggy were of different breeds.